Villa Vettre

Vettrebukta, Norway

Project Scope
Full Contract
260 m²
Completed 2013
Project Team
K.Jarmund, G.Ferguson, H.Aspen, S.Grøholt
B.Hummitzsch, I.M.Grini Bo Bedre

The house is situated on one of Oslo fjord’s most beautiful properties. The solution’s premise was to capture the unique qualities of the coast line and view to the sea towards the east. The evening sun has its own outdoor space in the atrium which the building drapes itself around. The transparency of the building, together with the large sliding doors, allows the atrium and the coastline to be visually connected through and across the house’s internal spaces. The site has a shallow fall down to a small private bay. This height difference is used to advantage creating a spacious living room over one and a half floors high. The parent’s bedroom is solved on an upper plan with a panoramic view of the fjord. The material palette is timeless and of high quality. Kolumba bricks, zinc and oak are a consistent theme throughout the house. Exposed structural elements in steel are given a dark grey finish.

Kristin Jarmund