Tjuvholmen “Eitzen Group Headquarters”

Oslo, Norway

Building Type
Office Building
Project Scope
Full Contract
Tjuvholmen KS , Eitzen Group
5 000 m²
Completed 2007
Project Team
K.Jarmund, O.Helle, N.Herland, G.Messel, P.Larsson, L.Houck, M.Andersen, L.Strand, A.Astad, A.Eriksen
E.Grønlie, P.Maning, K.Ramstad, Union Næringsmegling

The former industrial area of Tjuvholmen, along Oslo’s seafront, has been transformed into an architecturally cutting-edge urban area, complete with offices, homes, shops, hotels and galleries. Establishing a visual relationship between this new urbanization, the city centre and the fjord, the Eitzen building sits prominently as a figurehead at the entrance of Tjuvholmen.

The three-sided building is clad in limestone. A dense facade with precise openings runs along the main avenue, leading to the heart of the Tjuvholmen area, while protruding vertical slabs of limestone break up the glass facade facing the water. From an angle, this glass facade appears closed, but when viewed straight-on, its transparency emerges. The cut-away at the base of the building creates an airy and inviting space towards Tjuvholmen’s main access bridge.


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Kristin Jarmund