Sogn Arena

Oslo, Norway

Building Type
Multipurpose Office, Workshops and Showrooms for Mercedes Benz
Project Scope
Invited Competition, 1st prize, Full Contract
Bertel O. Steen
28 000 m²
400 mill. NOK
Completed 2008
Project Team
K.Jarmund, L.Houck, B.Anfinsen, G.Andresen, N.Muller, A.R.Aastad, A.Eriksen, K.Zur-Lage
The Architect, J.Havran

The project was awarded 1st prize in an invited competition. The curvature of the building is inspired by the surrounding road grid and signalizes the speed and dynamic, which characterize moving traffic. The building is also the biggest showroom for Mercedes Benz Norway – which further legitimizes the dynamic architecture.

The stylized “cracks” in the facade tell a visual story of what happened when a mighty force bent the building into place. The building is terraced to accomodate the falling terrain.


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Kristin Jarmund