Nye Linderud (Linderudløkka)

Oslo, Norway

Building Type
Stor Oslo Eiendom AS
88.000 m2
3D estate

A masterplan and illustration project for the redevelopment of Linderud, 15-minutes north-east of Oslo city-center. Currently occupied by offices and commercial buildings, the 76.000m2 plot will be transformed into residential use with commercial units at street level. The scheme comprises 650 apartments of varying size, providing, in total, 65.000m2 of new residential accommodation. An additional 23.000m2 will be given over to commercial use.

The masterplan is organized around a large plaza which serves to unite residential and commercial functions while also establishing a defined and coherent center within the neighbourhood. In addition, an existing 10-storey building will be retained, thus further anchoring the development within the local context. The central plaza feeds into three distinct sight lines to the north which both connect to, and enhance, the extensive green pedestrian network throughout the entire Grorud valley. Urban blocks are organized around these connections, giving the scheme a strong green character and placing a clear emphasis on pedestrians and cyclists. The plaza seeks to imbue both the redevelopment itself and the wider neighbourhood with a more contemporary, urban character and provides the stage for social, recreational and formal activities.

Kristin Jarmund