Kvartal 42

Kristiansand, Norway

Building Type
Mixed Use
Project Scope
Full Contract
Kvartal 42 AS
23 000 m²
Completed 2017
Project Team
K.Jarmund, F.Brekke, S.M.Haugen, H.Aspen, A.Selstrøm, R.Jørgensen, J.Haugan, K.vd.Lieth, J.H.Abrahamsen, G.Ferguson, J.Alexander, O.Helle
Jacob Johannes Buchard

Kvartal 42 was awarded 1st prize in an invited competition held by Morgenstjernen and Filadelfia. It is a multi-use building that redefines the rigid town grid found in Kristiansand and challenges conventional thinking with its bold and visionary mix of functions. The building invites the city in through a large sculptural opening in its south east corner, marking both the entrance to the historic centre of Kristiansand and to Filadelfia’s church and conference centre.


The building houses a variety of functions for people of all ages including a conference centre with a capacity of approximately 1400 people, various restaurants and shops, a youth centre, offices, an old age home, a health centre, a daycare as well as hotel rooms and private apartments. At street level the building is transparent and publicly accessble, not to mention a line of sight down into the large auditorium where conferences, concerts and church services are held. Above street level there is a rooftop garden which is enjoyed by the diverse users of the building.

Kristin Jarmund