New Cafe, the National Gallery

Oslo, Norway

Project Scope
Full Contract
The Directorate of Public Construction and Property / Statsbygg
8 mill. NOK
Completed 2002
Project Team
K.Jarmund, A.R.Aastad, G.Ferguson, T.Hjelle
J.Havran, P.Maning

When designing the café in the French Hall of the National Gallery in Oslo, the beautiful Stucco marble walls and plaster casts, which were a gift from the French State in 1924 were uncovered and restored. To avoid any major alterations to the hall, the kitchen was placed in an adjacent room and a central freestanding “temple” was constructed of multiple glass layers, both transparent and translucent with integrated shelves for display and built-in LED coloured lighting. The “temple” also incorporates the hall’s ventilation system.

The Café at the National Gallery received honourable mention in The Norwegian Lighting Award, 2003.

Kristin Jarmund