Schweigaardsgate 35-51

Oslo, Norway

Building Type
Office Building
ROM Eiendom
24 000 m²
Archivisuals, KJ-A

The building site lies at the meeting point between a string of modern office buildings and classical apartment buildings from the late 19th century. We have proposed a distinctly modern and architecturally attractive building, which, through its scale, proportions and detailing establishes a dialogue with its listed neighbours.

The facade consists of a strong vertical motif, with deep window settings, in order to obtain a rich play of light and shadow. Highlighted slab edges add tension to the composition with strong horizontal breaks and contrasts of colour and materiality.

Central to the architectural concept is a building volume which drapes itself over a large open plaza leading to the heart of the building. The open plaza activates the street, spilling life out onto the sidewalk from its restaurants, cafés and storefronts. Meanwhile, the building’s entrance pavilion, a shining glass cube nested at the far end of the plaza, welcomes visitors in.

Kristin Jarmund