Hotel Grims Grenka

Oslo, Norway

Project Scope
Full Contract
Kongens Gate 5 ANS
5 600 m²
Completed 2008
Project Team
K.Jarmund, O.Helle, P.Larsson, I.Løvstad, J.Våle, L.Strand, F.Brekke
G.Messel, G.Ferguson, M.F.Andersen Grims Grenka, B.Jørgensen, E.Grønlie, Aftenposten v/A.Nejad

The intention has been to create a hotel focusing on refined and modern design ingredients, giving it a luxurious and sensual atmosphere. Natural materials such as stone, wood and leather are used together with glass, fabric and painted surfaces. Added to this are certain special ”norwegian” features such as abstract patterns from nature and traditional folk art, reindeer horns used as lamps and a ”moss garden” in the reception desk. This makes the hotel an unique experience combining both international and norwegian elements in a new context.


See also Madu restaurant in the same building.

Kristin Jarmund