Brøggers Hus

Oslo, Norway

Building Type
Natural History Museum
9 000 m²
Design Development

The “Brøggers Hus” project is a refurbishment of the Geological Museum which is part of the popular Natural History Museum complex located in Oslo’s Botanical Gardens. The original building, designed by architect P.A. Holger Sinding-Larsen and completed 1917, contains exhibition areas, administration offices and storage for geological artefacts. The museum is a “class 1” protected historic building, consisting of four main storeys plus attic and basement areas. The façade of rough hewn red granite appears to consist of two storeys, however internally, a mezzanine level splits each of the exhibition areas in two, whilst skylights allow for active use of the attic space.

Brøggers Hus is scheduled to undergo a change from a static exhibition and storage facility to a modern interactive museum. The museum is dependent on being able to offer interactive, flexible and innovative exhibits in order to facilitate the dissemination of new knowledge in the natural sciences. We propose to highlight the museum’s interior spatial qualities by preserving and/or restoring many of the original design elements that have been covered up over time. In addition, new contemporary elements such as internal stairs and railings must be added. The main entrance is to be moved to the north-western end of the building to align symmetrically with the entrance of the Zoological Museum located opposite, as originally planned by Sinding-Larsen. Along with the new entrance, a transparent glass extension, containing and elevator and a staircase, is added in order to optimize the vertical circulation within the building.

Kristin Jarmund